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“After we took 20 managers through the 3Cs & Employee Focused Management programs, in three months, we not only reached the corporate goal, but also exceeded expectations when we became the number one store out of 455 nationwide.”

George Cunningham, General Manager, Sam’s Club


“Clients today do not want to talk to a salesperson. They want to talk to a consultant who can solve problems.”

 ---Stepp Sydnor



Do You Want to Achieve Success in Your Job? In Your Life?

Mark Seguin went from earning $50,000 a year to $300,000 a year and a million dollars
in commissions after putting to work what he learned in Stepp's SMaRT Sales program.
Now included in the Thrive Now Program.

Mark and many others have learned to use positive thinking, set and visualize smart goals and manage their time to achieve success in their sales careers. See what Mark is doing now on his website

Start now on your own road to success with the Thrive Now program.


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